Master's Message to the Craft


I am truly grateful and extremely humbled to have been elected as Master of this incredible lodge that I call home. I am eternally grateful to the officers and brethren who elected me. I know this year will go by in a blink of an eye, as we pursue the work we wish to accomplish.
I would like to thank Worshipful Brother Steve Craig for a great year. I wish to further thank him for stepping forward and asking to be the Junior Warden for 2016.
We have a great slate of officers for 2016 and I know we are all excited and ready to start the work of year. We are however, in need of help on two committees that I am aware of: the Widows Program and The Scholarship Committees. The Bikes for Books program headed by Shawn Gibson has had great success and is growing larger each year, this year our order needs to be in by February 28, through Wor. Peter Quimby.
Bell Ringing by our District members had a great outcome that had the Salvation Army switching out our station’s bucket 3 times…yes, 3 times in one day.
This year we will be adding a monthly celebration of “Masonic Birthdays” At each stated meeting we will celebrate with the Brethren that were raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in that Month, immediately following the supper, prior to the stated meeting. Please come celebrate the fellowship with one another each month.

There is a website I would draw you attention to our district calendar

This will keep you up-to-date with all Blue Lodge events in District 12, including our own lodge.
January is a very busy month including installations and MM degree.
Jan 14th-Non-Ritual School, Thorndike Lodge
Jan 17th- Togus V. A. Chapel
Jan 18th- MM Degree
Jan 19th-January Masonic Birthday Celebration
Jan 19th-Semi-Public Installation of Officers
Jan 28th-District 12 Meeting, WTVL Lodge
Wor. Dana Wrigley and I are trying to gather emails for all our members. Please take a second to send a quick note to Dana or me with
“My current email” in the subject line.
Thank you to all on behalf of Wor. Steve Craig and myself.
Worshipful Travis W. Wood